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Customs declaration
Basic knowledge of customs declaration
1. China's Export Customs Declaration Requirements:
(1) When delivering the goods, please provide the name, quantity and declared value of all the goods of this order. Our company will declare the goods for export according to the information you provide.
(2) For some Chinese customs, airlines and shipping companies that restrict the export of special goods, please tell us the truth, such as batteries, products that infringe intellectual property rights, liquids, powders, compact discs, gambling products, products controlled by the government, products that endanger public safety, etc.
II. Singapore's Import Customs Declaration Requirements
(1) The Government of Singapore provides for the exemption of GST for personal goods and samples whose value is less than 400 SGD imported from overseas air transport channels.
(2) 7% GST should be returned for the import of bulk cargo by sea or the whole container.
(3) Importing special products from border areas requires corresponding Licence, such as non-meat foods, products in contact with mouth (cups, bowls, chopsticks, lunch boxes, powder products machine, etc.), medical products, knives, electric bicycles and scooters.
(4) Whether individuals or companies declare imports, please declare GST truthfully.

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