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-Method of packing goods
  Cartons, bags, Pallet, wooden frames

-Processing method of overweight package
 Each route has a weight limit. If the goods exceed the weight limit, they will be prompted not to submit the package. You need to remove some of the goods and submit them to the mail in stages.

Limited delivery of imitations, contraband, liquids, pastes, food, DVD discs and medicines
 The suggestion of goods mailing is based on the experience of routine transportation. We are not responsible for any customs deduction. Limited by customs, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and contraband goods are not shipped. According to the requirements of air transport, food, liquid, granular and paste goods need to be identified as non-dangerous goods. It is recommended that you do not send these goods in batches. If it is a small amount of sensitive goods, can be mixed with ordinary goods (clothing, shoes, etc.), such as cosmetics bottles not more than 100 ml, a single package not more than 200 ml, we can try to help you transport.

-Priority and continuity in billing methods
  First weight refers to the lowest billing weight. The weight of package is within the first weight range, and the cost is calculated at the first price. Continuous weight means more than the first weight.

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